A GTK3 program made in vala that quickly creates a floppy disk image from a chosen directory using mtools.
Updated 2024-06-05 21:17:47 +00:00
A MinGW distribution that releases quarterly/semi-annually. Meant to favor stability over up-to-dateness and security. If you need those two things, please use MSYS2.
Updated 2024-04-05 16:36:19 +00:00
My personal fork of dwl. Is basically a full desktop environment.
Updated 2024-02-16 02:20:57 +00:00
A dungeon crawler made in C, mainly to test of Objects in C.
Updated 2023-12-31 22:58:54 +00:00
My personal GUIX packages.
Updated 2023-11-22 02:38:17 +00:00
Updated 2023-11-17 22:00:09 +00:00