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descriptionA non-minimalist webkit2gtk-based web browser made in Vala.
last changeSat, 20 May 2023 16:44:47 +0000 (12:44 -0400)
2023-05-20 CharadonRemoved C sources, as it's not really needed. master origin/master
2023-05-20 Charadonsrc/tab.vala: Added search engine functionality.
2023-05-20 CharadonAdded 32bit detection, and warning that it's unsupported.
2023-05-18 Charadondocs/whats-needed-for-gtk4.md: Added another requiremen...
2023-05-18 CharadonSome code cleanup
2023-05-15 Charadonsrc/about.vala: Added OS Name to about dialog.
2023-05-12 Charadonnet.iotib.EarthDragon.yml: Added cleanup commands
2023-05-11 CharadonAdded CSD support. 0.1.0
2023-05-10 CharadonAdded some no-warning cflags
2023-05-10 CharadonAdded Makefile that will compile c sources if you don...
2023-05-10 CharadonForgot to add license header to xkeycodes.vala
2023-05-10 CharadonAdded Xorg dependency, and finished the Edit menu in...
2023-05-09 CharadonUpdated README
2023-05-09 CharadonMore menubar work
2023-05-09 CharadonRemoved redundant code
2023-05-09 CharadonFixed aboutWindow being blank when closed and reopened.
4 months ago 0.1.0
4 months ago master
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