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descriptionA pong clone made in C using the Raylib library.
last changeTue, 7 Feb 2023 19:37:17 +0000 (14:37 -0500)
2023-02-07 CharadonFixed rpath so it applies to all subprojects too. master
2023-01-31 CharadonFixed building on windows
2023-01-31 Charadonv1.1
2023-01-01 CharadonChanged version string v1.0
2022-12-31 CharadonFix subprojects library bundling if all dependencies...
2022-12-31 Charadonscripts/install.sh: Maybe fixed blacklisted library...
2022-12-30 Charadonsrc/pause.c: Fixed issue where clicking back into scree...
2022-12-30 CharadonAdd OpenGL as a fallback if GLES isn't found.
2022-12-30 Charadoninstall.sh: Append blacklisted_libraries.txt instead...
2022-12-30 CharadonGot rid of number being echo'd
2022-12-30 CharadonFixed openbsd support
2022-12-29 CharadonAdded .ico file for windows, and fixed macos
2022-12-29 CharadonMacOS fixes
2022-12-29 CharadonAdded new icon, and MacOS .app support.
2022-12-29 Charadonscripts/install.sh: Fixed bundling of libraries on mac
2022-12-28 CharadonForgot backlashes
8 months ago v1.0 Moved
15 months ago v0.3
15 months ago v0.2 Version 0.2
7 months ago master
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